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Planus Geyser

Geyser  is a macerating and lifting unit developed to treat hot discharge water up to 100°, from appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines in kitchens and everything in the bathroom apart from the WC. 

Unlike normal macerator units which have a limit to the water temperature they can handle, with Geyser the hot temperature of the water doesn't cause any overheating of the motor as it sits outside the tank.
Geyser has a powerful Vortex pump for grey water, equipped with stainless steel blades to cope with even small amounts of residual solids. It allows for discharge of elevated volumes of grey water, granting excellent performance in terms of height and flow.

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Descaling detergent

Specific product for the maintenance of shredders. The planus descaling product used regularly improves the efficiency of the macerator, contributes to cleaning and prolongs its operation. It is recommended to use it every two months. In case of very calcareous water increase the frequency.