AirEx System

AirEx System

The use of the toilet causes
contamination of the air in the entire bathroom environment

As demonstrated by numerous international scientific studies, the use of the toilet causes contamination
of the air in the bathroom due to the diffusion of bio-aerosols.
The bad odor usually perceived by smell is due to the inhalation of the bio-aerosol present in the air.
The complete exchange of air through extraction systems takes time and does not prevent the diffusion of the bio-aerosol, with the consequent contamination of all the surfaces and objects present in the bath-room, on which germs and bacteria transported by the bio-aerosol are deposited. As happens for example with tobacco smoke, bio-aerosol also deposits on the surfaces and fabrics with which it comes into contact.

 The original PLANUS AirEx system solves the problem
of bio-aerosol and bad odors by eliminating them
before they come out of the toilet

The AirEx system prevents bio-aerosols from escaping from the toilet, thus eliminating bad odors before they spread.

NOTE: The suction activated at the discharge of vacuum systems has nothing to do with the prevention of contamination and the spread of bad odors generated during the entire use of the toilet.

The “AirEx” system is patented internationally

The patents filed by Planus at an international level relating to the extraction of bad odors and bio-aerosols have also been applied by us to residential toilets and in the healthcare sector.

The “AirEx” is a medical device

Our product is the only toilet that has obtained recognition as a medical device from the Ministry of Health (identifier N° 2021139 - UDI: 8056459897007)

This important innovation will change the perception of the bathroom environment

Believing that all toilets in the future will be equipped with this functionality, Planus has already provided its models with the AirEx system as standard.

Given its importance and the social impact it entails, the innovation introduced by Planus was object of
study by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome, Policlinico “A. Gemelli".
The study was coordinated by Prof. Americo Cicchetti, current Director General of Health Programming of
the Italian Ministry of Health, in collaboration with representatives of the Italian National Institute of
Health and important medical managers.
The work was published by the Catholic University and is available for consultation at this  link


Planus toilets are equipped with a suction mouth for the extraction of bad odor and bio-aerosol, without change the aesthetics of the product.

The AirEx system does not affect the normal functioning of the toilet


The Planus toilet in the AirEx version can be connected indifferently to the centralized system for extraction and exchange of air on board or to a suction box supplied by Planus on request, to be connected to a single toilet.

In the case of connection to the on-board extraction system, a derivation is sufficient to connect the bathroom ventilation system (generally with a variable DN from 60 to 80mm) to the connection present in the back of the toilet (Ø 25 mm).

In the case of connection to the Planus aspirator box, you will have to connect the inlet of this box to the connection on the back of the toilet (Ø 25 mm). Furthermore, the exhaust of the vacuum box must be connected to the outside of the hull.


The stainless steel aspirator box supplied by Planus on request is designed for the connection to a single toilet (DN 25 mm).

The placement of the aspirator box in relation to the toilet is irrelevant.

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